Sunday, March 1, 2015

Tim holtz distress markers! And card making.

Recently purchased Tim Holtz distressed markers on eBay. While I did save money on them. I had the worst experience with this ebay seller and I'm still talking to them about a dried market and one with frayed tip. Seller insist that it must be lay on its side for 24-72 hours. I'll try that but just wanted to note that the package does not note this. As for the frayed tip. It's definitely a defect. Which is fine it bugs me that seller made excuses for it instead of just replacing it. 

All other markers were fine and I had a blast playing with them. I loved the way it looked. I made two mini card with scraps and one shaker card. 

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Lawn Fawn monster stamps and die set "sending you monster hugs "

Previously I mentioned that I hauled the Tim Holtz distressed mini inks and the blender tool. There are loads of tutorials on how to create a background with these inks. I'm pretty crafty but it took a few tries to get used to. Also I noticed that you have to press/blend it pretty hard. It's not as easy as it looks on YouTube but of course the results are amazing.

I tried putting dots of water to get the speckled look but in person it's not as speckled at the picture. Anyone knows why? I did use a very very old water coloring paper and it's super thin. It was from my college days. 10 years plus! Yicks 

I used the following inks for the background. 

So I had this wood mounted stamp for a while but apparently never had the right type of ink pad. My images never came out this good before. All thanks to the Avery Elle pigment ink pads!
I only own two ( see below ) Raspberry and Pure white. Note to self: must get more.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Diet food- Healthy Choice Top Chef - grilled chicken marinara with Parmesan review

Healthy Choice Top Chef - grilled chicken marinara with Parmesan review. 

This was my first time trying this particular one and I really did enjoyed it. 

I plan on doing a serious of these frozen diet food. So let's create a rating system for these types of review. Let's say 1-5 , 5 being the best 

Portion : 5 i think this is as good as it gets for an item that is 270 calories.
Texture : 4 the pasta was delicious so was the broccoli and sauce but as usually the chicken can feel rubbery BUT i do think for a frozen dish this is the least rubbery I've had. 
Taste : 5 for sure it was delicious. I am definitely buying this again
Conclusion : 5 will definitely be one of my go to flavors. 

Have you tried this flavor? What did you think? Do you have a favorite Healthy Choice dish? Haul

If you live in Brooklyn, NY like me, you do not access to Joann's. So you go to instead. They have great sales! the only thing is that you have to pay for shipping. I waited until it the stamps items were 50% off AND a 20% coupon code.

I purchased Tim Holtz mini Distress inks! I have a few full size Distress inks but it was just to expensive to get more colors. I was so excited when they came out of with the minis.
I ordered Kit 1,2,4,7,8 and 9 plus the tins. I 100% recommend getting the tins. I just makes organizing so much easier. The gaps are are a little narrow so it's sometimes difficult to take the inks out. I also order the round Ranger Blending Tool ( round ) with the Blending Foam Replacements so I was able to put one pad under each inks. I love it.

Been wanting the Paper smooches Chubby Chums for a while! These are very good quality stamps and super adorable but i'm not a fan of the fonts of the sentiments.

Look at how adorable they are. The dog and chick on the right was colored in by copics and the other three on the left was done with the distress ink and water! I love the way it turned out.

On the other hand I LOVE the fonts of Avery Elle's stamps. 
Sending You Stamp. I haven't played with this stamp set yet but I will soon!

Gender reveal Party! It's a Scavenger Hunt Themed!

16 months later! I post details on the baby reveal party! yicks! talk about procrastinating. 
The reveal was held May 10, 2013! at my old apartment.

So this started with a lot of googling a I love the Scavenger Hunt themed idea. 

This reveal was for my "Top 10" group of friends. Yup that's what we called ourselves the "Top 10".
I was able to find some really good riddles and rhymes to incorporate into the scavenger hunt. Since this little baby was the first of the Top 10 babies I really wanted it to be special. I incorporated everyone's name in each riddle. 

Here is the list of riddles.
It started with :
When I am born will I wear pink or blue?
To find out the answer you must follow the clues!

Oh little baby what will you be?
Will you sit like a lady or
stand up to pee?
(Eddies' bathroom)

Will I be like Auntie Judy, who loves to bake?
Or like Uncle Peter who enjoys store bought cake?
clue under the cake )

Will I wear overalls, or will I wear a dress?
Find the parrot and he will point you to the rest!
(we have a cage with the cursing parrot)

Will I be like Auntie Jackie, who is sweet as pie?
or like Uncle Anthony, who won't eat his eggs even when he's high.
the fridge with the eggs )

Will I be like Daddy, who loves to read?
Or like Mommy, who loves her ice cream treats?
(the fridge with the eggs)

Will I be like Auntie Carrie, who pees all day? 
or like Uncle Danny, that can't keep his sweet tooth at bay?
(candy jar)

Will I be like Uncle Miko, who can shop for hours with ease?
Or like Uncle Ren, who can't get enough of the Yankees?
( Duster )

Boy or Girl, I will get lots of lovin',
but to find the answer, look and see what's
baking in the oven!
( In the oven, there is a box in the oven you can't open it until you find the key )

The last clue is kinda tough,
but it's no fun if we don't play rough.
The final clue is in a book.
Find the book and be the first to look!

A classic about the roaring twenties,
Leo brought the story to life,
The infamous title was not Scott's idea,
but inspired by his wife.
( on the book shelf, the riddle answer is "the Great Gatsby" and 
inside this book this is a paper key that gives you permission to open the box )

The "oh baby", the bows, the mustache and the baby girl and baby boy profile was cut with my Silhouette Cameo and 

The clues were printed on diaper shaped cards with number envelopes. ( note to self take pictures of those items )

And Waa La! it's a BOY!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Website with

I've been working on my jewelry website for a while now and it's been live for a few months. I'm extremely proud of it but business is not good. It's partially my fault. I haven't been promoting it at all. After giving up on Etsy, because of the fee and the competition I just got lazy. Part of me wish it would just do it's thing and find me business lol.. if only that's all it takes.
This is my logo and I'm keeping it. Check out the site and let me know what you think.

On a side note, I've had this stone for a long time. I purchased a whole string of this because I love this stone and thought others will like it. It's a high quality gold rutilated quartz.
 The only person that had the chance to enjoy this stone is my mom. I remember when I was young my mom went through a crystal phase. She still wears her nicer citrine bracelets. I remembered we would go to the store and when we looked at gold rutilated quartz it usually cost a lot because of how precious the stones are... I won't get into the metaphysical properties, you can do a quick google search and find out more.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Lunch date at Tony’s DiNapoli ( NYC ) - mini review

We headed to Tony’s DiNapoli this afternoon for lunch. The food was not bad. I've been craving Italian food for a few days now and was totally saving my stomach for this lunch since one of our vendors was taking us out. F R E E. Those are the best =D
If you haven't been here before you can stop by if you are visiting Time Square. The menu and the way it works is the same as Carmine's. It's basically  family style Italian food. The service was good we didn't have to wait long for our food and our water was always filled.
A few things I did notice is that portion are definitely smaller compared to Carmine's and I'm not a cook but my coworkers was positive that the broccoli in our pasta was FROZEN and then microwaved... They were pretty disappointed at that.
We of course order dessert. This honestly was my favorite part! I love me some ice cream and I suggested the sundae with brownie, fudge and fresh whipped cream. I don't care for the fudge or the fresh whipped cream but the ice cream and the brownie..... oh man... it was delicious!!
My coworkers really like the Strawberry shortcake dish but I think it was $16?? crazy.
Bottom Line: I think if you don't have a place to eat after a show this is not a bad place to be BUT if you are visiting NYC. I think Carmine will be a better choice.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Goods from the Philippines

Hello hello, A few weeks ago my husband went on a trip to the Philippine. He went because he wanted to increase his airline mileage to keep his status? So apparently a lot of people do this. They will take a plane ride and back to rack up on mileage. So he was there for a planned 2 days but I told his to stay a day longer when Sandy reached NYC.
His trip was not all about Eddie because I received goodies from it! Woo hoo
These items were purchased at the Robinson mall. First impression? The makeup looked cheap and a little tacky. The gold trim looks like the makeup I can buy at the dollar store. It was wrapped really nicely tho and I believe it's a decent brand in the Philippines. I haven't tried it out yet but I have a feeling it will be pigments but powdery. When I finally put my brush in it. I will update you.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Little Pie Company, New York, NY

Ohh my sweet sweet pie. 
I sorta have a date every Monday with a gal pal of mine. This particular Monday we went to the Little Pie Company here is their website.
I always have an open mind to food places because I believe all it takes it ONE good experience and I'll be hooked. I'm not a person that love and crave bake goods to begin with so I appreciates bakery/cafes with nice decorations and characters. This place was not cute at all. Just table and chairs. I would never give is a second thought if I walk pass the store but you know what you can't judge a book by it's cover? 

We ordered the sour cream apple pie

and the sour cream apple walnut pie 

My friend the one with the sweet tooth really enjoyed the pie for the most part. This was her second time so she willing came back here. As for me I will never have another reason to stop by here again. I wouldn't even bring a friend here for tea or coffee. It's just not a very nice atmosphere to me and the pie do not entice me.

Oh not to mention the price tag for the 5 inch pie! $ 8 !

Hand pull noodle and dumpling house, Brooklyn NY

My husband and I came here one weekend looking for just something to fill our bellies. We did not have a craving for anything specific so we texted a friend that lives close by the area for some suggestions. 
according to Yelp they are located at :
7201 18th Ave
(between 72nd St & 73rd St) 
BrooklynNY 11204
Neighborhood: Bensonhurst

(718) 232-6191

Our friends recommended the ( I think) combo 3. House Special Combo with beef, beef tripe, beef tendon, pork chop an egg. My husband and I are very boring people soooo it's always either beef or chicken non of that other parts.

I think I order the 17. Hand pulled noodle with dumplings  I remembered it to be really yummy. You get your carbs, veggie and a kind of meaty dumpling. Nothing I can ask for more for that price.

All in all Eddie and I were not disappointed that day. Our bellies were happy and dinner was cheap. This place is not a very pretty place ( extremely not pretty ) please do not take a date here... Come to think about it they didn't serve us water! we asked for it after our meal because we were so thirsty and they gave me a bottle of water.. this was AFTER we paid and he didn't tell us it would cost us anything.. but I felt that there was an awkward moment so we left an extra dollar on the table. 

I'm hungry now... and wish this place was closer to home. =(